Sofa Hire

Our sofa and armchair range can add a dynamic atmosphere and help form fluid areas to corporate conventions, exhibitions and conferences. By adding relaxed breakout areas to any creative meeting or conference you not only optimise your available space but also build stimulating environments which nurture inspiration and creativity.

The deluxe soft leather Le Corbusier sofa, which comes in 1, 2 or 3 seater options, is a perfect example of flexible furniture, giving you the opportunity in meetings or seminars to section off areas for relaxation, creative thinking or breakout groups. Our stylish Le Corbusier sofa range work well with both the iconic Barcelona chair as well as the deep plush tub chair.

These transitional types of furniture can also increase workable areas in small places where space is at a premium such as exhibitions, trade shows and sales pitches. The relaxed style and flexible layout options encourages an informal atmosphere, creating a perfect sales platform.

Add an elegant relaxed ambiance to a waiting or reception area, lobby or living space with the tub chair which whilst deeply cushioned in thick surrounding padding, is covered in soft, luxurious leather. The compact footprint of the chair makes the most of available room, is compatible with almost any type of decor from traditional to ultra modern and is surprisingly very affordable to hire at just £19.99. Superb in living areas or corporate environments, choose the popular superstar of our sofa and armchair range with the eye catching and sophisticated Barcelona chair which adds instant gravitas to any space. The ultimate answer to flexible furniture, this chair will certainly impress.